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Ryne  Bivens
World History, Head HS Baseball Coach
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I graduated in 2011 from Riverside High School in Decatur County, Tennessee. After receiving a high school diploma, I pursued post-secondary education at Bethel University. I transferred to University of Tennessee Martin Parsons Center to receive my bachelor's degree in Business. I am currently pursuing my master's degree in Arts of Education at Union University.


My experience in the education field consists of one year at West Carroll Jr/Sr High School.


My name is Ryne Bivens, and I am the World History teacher at West Carroll Jr/Sr High School. I am the head high school baseball coach. I am married to my high school sweetheart Cary. We just recently had our first child, Ellie Mae. I enjoy a majority of things including but not limited to: going to church, history, golf, and family time around a camp fire.
I have traveled to many places in the United States, along with one outside of the U.S. The states I have visited are as follows: all of the southeastern states, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Illinois. Outside of the United States, I have been to Jamaica (honeymoon and mission trip). I desire to visit every state one day, don't get me wrong I love the small town of Holladay, but I also like to explore new land.
I am currently pursuing my masters from Union University. I worked at a bank in Decatur County for two years after I graduated from college, but I strongly felt that wasn't what I was called to do. That is when I entered the world of Education, and couldn't be happier with the profession I am involved in. I look forward to serving your children as their teacher. I plan to have a strong environment in which all children feel welcomed, and can learn in.