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DePriest, Shane Assistant Principal
Todd, Kelly Principal

Acuff, Paul JH Health, HS SAILS, Head HS Softball Coach
Anderson, Luke 8th Grade Science
Arnold, Wesley 7th Grade Math
Barrow, Susan Business Applications
Black, Linda CTE Culinary Arts
Bragg, Mary Guidance Counselor
Cantrell, Trey HS Social Studies/Football
Coleman, Becky HS Special Education
Cox, James 8th Grade Language
Davis, Susan 7th Grade ELA
Davis, Tammy HS Special Education
DePriest, Shane Assistant Principal
Douglas, Adam HS English
Edwards, LeAnn HS Art, Journalism, Yearbook Advisor
Esch, Janet Interventionist
Ezell, Spencer HS Science
Fitch, Jason JH PE, HS Comp Apps, Head Boys Basketball Coach
Giannoni, Alex 7th Grade Social Studies/Football
Gottshall, Megan Chemistry
Guymon, Scott Head HS and JH Baseball Coach
Halford, Jackie HS English
Harvey, Kimberly Spanish
Hatfield, Linda HS Special Education
Hopper, Nancy Geometry, High School Golf Coach
Johns, Rachel Biology, A & P
Johnson, Stacey JH Special Education
Kapeller, Lisa Health Science, Med. Term, Diag. Med.
Lindsey, Kristin Culinary Arts
Martin, Jason US History, Psychology, Cont. Issues, HS Cross Country Coach
McCaslin, Doug 8th Grade Social Studies
McDade, Jordan HS Social Studies
Nelson, Michael HS Fine Arts
Payne, Jonalee 8th grade Math
Pratt, Elizabeth Jr. High Softball Coach
Scott, Michelle Librarian
Taylor, Titus HS Wellness, Head JH Boys Basketball Coach, Asst. HS Boys Basketball
Todd, Kelly Principal
Wadley, Tyler 7th Grade Science/Football
Wilbanks, Cynthia HS ELA
Wilson, Randy JH Band, HS Band
Wolfe, Josh HS Wellness, Head HS Football Coach
York, Sydni HS Math

Brawner, Sheila Technology
Cobb, Billie Food Services
Gray, Stephanie Paraprofessional
Harris, Will Assistant Baseball Coach
Kendrick, Gayle Girl's Basketball Coach
Lifsey, Denise Food Services
Martin, Christy Special Education Assistant
McNatt, Josh Assistant Baseball Coach
Meals, Lisa Guidance Aide/ Paraprofessional
Mitchell, Schon Secretary
Moncrief, Debbie Food Services
Murley, Roger Technology
Robinson, Lissie Receptionist
Stansell, Rhonda Food Service
Vinson, Celia Food Services
Wallace, Joan Food Services
Williams, Josephine Food Services